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Cynthiara Alona Photos Hot News

Cynthiara Alona Photos Hot News 2010

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Sexy Filipina Celebrities

She is from Filipino

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Spice Girl Jacqueline Fernandez on Maxim




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Photo Gallery: Thai Model and Actress Sonia Couling

18 - Jun - 2011
Sonia Couling
Photo Gallery: Thai Model and Actress Sonia Couling (2)
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Photo Gallery: Thai Model and Actress Sonia Couling (2) I have to admit that Sonia Couling is one of the hottest Thai models/actresses I’ve seen yet. She’s got a really nice looking body, and that face could probably start wars. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about her: “Sonia Couling is well known in Thailand as a fashion model and Cover girl. She has acted in many Thai TV shows, been

Tupac Shakur 'sex tape' emerges 15 years after his death

A sex tape has allegedly emerged of late rapper Tupac Shakur, 15 years after his death.

The five minutes of the footage said to be filmed in 1991, reportedly shows the rapper, who died from injuries sustained in a drive-by shooting back in 1996, engaged in a sex act with a female fan.

During the exploit he is apparently seen dancing along to one of his own unreleased tracks.

It was allegedly filmed during a house party and also sees Shakur with a cocktail in one hand and what is thought to be a joint in the other.

At the same time as getting the sexual attention of the woman, Shakur is also engaged in conversation with Money B from rap group Digital Underground.

The website claims that the person who possesses the tape is planning to release it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Indonesia Model Basah

This sexy model picture is form Indonesia it is for some one who like hot model like them


This is a beautiful 30-something Chinese woman.Do you know why girl like a short hair ? every body say that they are Confident whit their self